Handgun, Cash, and Marijuana Found in Arcata Motel

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Arcata Police Department found cash, a stolen, loaded handgun and marijuana in an Arcata Motel. Arcata Police conducted a probation search at the motel after police believed someone was conducting drug deals out of the room.


When officers went to the room they found Nathan Ruptak, of Eureka, who was renting the room. Police also found Michael Johns JR., and Katy Lee of Eureka. Allegedly, both Ruptak and Johns were holding large amounts of cash totaling 300,000 dollars, and Lee with heroin. Ruptak was allegedly found in possession of five pounds of processed marijuana, and a loaded and stolen handgun.


Arcata Police said it appeared Johns was attempting to purchase marijuana from Ruptak. Agents from the Humboldt County Task Force helped in the case. John, Lee, and Ruptak were taken to the Humboldt County Jail for multiple charges.