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Harbor District to pay up to $50,000 in cruise ship preparations

EUREKA- It's official, a cruise ship is coming to Eureka in May of 2017. The Humboldt Bay Harbor District says there's still a lot to do before the visitors arrive.

Director of Cruise Marketing Bruce Conner announced Tuesday the official date of the ship's arrival, May 9, 2017. The Harbor District says they're next step is to ensure the port is ready.

The ship will anchor at Schneider Dock. The district must purchase a 75 foot gangway for passengers to exit the vessel, along with other equipment but say they do not have dredge the bay. The district estimates to spend about $50,000 in preparations.

Conner's announcement Tuesday follows a trip to a Miami where he pitched Humboldt to dozens of cruise companies. He's been in talks with eight lines including Norwegian Cruise Line and Princess Cruises. Those companies and others are vetting the proposal and will make their decisions in the coming months.

"Our success is going to be that first ship on May 9, 2017," Conner said. "If we're successful, and we send out our success, it gets around our community. when one comes, the rest follow."