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Headed to trial; Man accused of fatal stabbing at Trinidad RV park

EUREKA- The man accused of fatally stabbing a 24-year-old at a Trinidad RV park will be held to answer in court a judge ruled Wednesday. Larry Clinton Morrow, 33, is accused of stabbing Jessie Ruiz multiple times and killing him after a fight on Jan. 10. He has plead not guilty previously to felony voluntary manslaughter with a deadly weapon.

Humboldt County Superior Court Judge Marilyn Miles said there was enough evidence presented in the preliminary hearing to hold the case for trial.

In court, Morrow's attorney argued he had acted in self defense and the case was a justifiable homicide. The defense argued that the victim, Ruiz, was drunk that night, had demonstrated violent behavior earlier and was known to carry a knife. He argued that Morrow had warned Ruiz several times before he entered the RV, giving him enough time to leave.

Deputy District Attorney Kelly Neel argued that Morrow was the aggressor in the fight and did not need protection from Ruiz who was attempting to get inside to sleep. Neel said Morrow had a violent past and was conducting himself in a way that was "dangerous to human life."

In court Wednesday Humboldt County Sheriff's Investigator Gregory Musson testified. Musson said Ruiz had been stabbed multiple times and that the autopsy revealed there to be a hard blow to his fore arm.

Morrow told Musson in an interview that he had not remembered the fight and blacked out. Morrow said he had been in 40 fights before, and allegedly stabbed someone before in Chico and had blacked out "all his life."

When Morrow was told he stabbed Ruiz multiple times, Musson said he did not remember and said, "Five times, oh my God."

Morrow told investigators that he did not remember dropping the weapon or knew where he had stabbed Ruiz. Musson said that in his investigation that he did not find any blood inside the RV that may suggest Ruiz had been stabbed inside.

Morrow will appear again in court on Feb. 13 for his arrangement.