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Historic barn vandalized in Redwood National Park

An historic barn has been vandalized in Redwood National and State Park.

Vandals removed approximately 800 square feet of old growth floor planks some of which were 3 inches thick. Park authorities say the old growth lumber will be extremely difficult and costly to replace to maintain the barn’s historic character.

The “Sheep Shed” as it is known, was constructed by Johnathon Lyons and his wife Amelia who was of Hupa and/or Karuk descent. The Lyons family established one of the most successful sheep operations in the entire country. They were the first to introduce Merino wool in the area. They were not only known for their quality of wool but the volume they were able to produce.

Today, the ranch represents a rare, and historic property. The theft may be prosecutable under the Archeological Resource Protection Act. It carries a maximum penalty of a 20-thousand dollar fine, imprisonment of two years or both. Other penalties may apply as well. If you have any information for park rangers regarding this theft, use the following contact info:

Jeff Denny, Supervisory Park Ranger

Redwood National & State Parks