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Historic building in Eureka could receive upgrades

EUREKA- The Carson Block Building in Eureka, which was built in 1892, is in need of restoration.  Now, it could be getting the upgrades it needs, thanks to a resolution that was adopted at the Eureka City Council meeting earlier this week.

City officials say the Carson Block Building in Old Town Eureka on F Street needs to be retrofitted and seismically upgraded.  At the Eureka City Council meeting this week, the city council gave the go ahead to staff to apply for a more than $5 million state grant.  The project would more than a year to complete.  The Mayor of Eureka, Frank Jager, says the restoration project of the commercial building would benefit the city.

"That's a historic building.  That was built by Carson who built the Carson Mansion and there used to be a theater in that building that was just a magnificent theater, it was one of the most magnificent things north of San Francisco and to bring that back would be tremendous for the City of Eureka," said Mayor Jager.

The City of Eureka will be awarded the grant in April if the application is approved.