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Historic Buildings vandalized in Eureka

EUREKA - Two historic buildings in Old Town Eureka sustain thousands of dollars in damage after vandals strike overnight.

The historic Buhne Building and St. Vincent De Paul across the street near 2nd and G had windows keyed and were tagged with spray paint. Police arrived Thursday morning after store owners discovered the damage.

The Buhne Building was built in the late 1800’s and is a true gem in the city. The window replacement alone will be in the thousands of dollars. Building owner, Kelly Martin had this to say:   “Yes, this stuff all happens after hours down here. We do have an Old Town police officer...he’s a great guy and does a great job. But, we need someone down here in the evening and the middle of the night. That’s when all these people are walking around. And, it’s a problem down here at night because it’s so quiet and there’s no one living down here. So, it would be nice to have a walking patrol down here at night. I think that’s what would really make a difference at this point.”

In the past several weeks there have been a rash of other incidents: store windows have been smashed and cars have been broken into. Recently, the new Tailwaggers Thrift Store at 3rd and G had their door kicked in.