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Holiday air travel smooth so far

MCKINLEYVILLE - While a storm looms in the east threatening holiday travel plans for millions, travel through the Arcata-Eureka Airport is running smoothly so far.

“We're fine here with our weather. We have a very advanced system for weather and also for guidance and instrument control. It's all dependent on how San Francisco is doing with their weather,” Emily Jacobs, Program Manager of the Arcata-Eureka airport, said.

One flight has been canceled today out of the airport and Jacobs says they don't expect anymore. This is good news for the dozens of fully booked flights scheduled for the next few days.

If you are headed out of the area, Jacobs does suggest some tips to make your airport experience as quick and easy as possible. 

“People can do a lot of things to help speed things up and it adds up. So, making sure that you have your carry on the right size. Take as little as possible on the airplane with you. If you do bring gifts, wait to wrap them until you get to your destination. There are also apps that people can use to keep track of what’s going on with their flights that tend to be the most convenient way,” Jacobs explained.