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Holiday Season DUI's Up From Last Year

HUMBOLDT COUNTY- The holidays are in full swing and police are continuing efforts to keep impaired drivers off the roads.  The “Avoid the 7” task force is made up of seven agencies running DUI and driver’s license checkpoints as well as roving DUI patrols throughout the area.  Since December 13th, 47 drivers have been arrested for DUI’s, which is 16 more arrests than in the same time period last year.  Officials say higher numbers of law enforcement patrolling the area led to the increased number of arrests.

“We've already seen even during this campaign dui related collisions resulting in deaths. Each and every year there are thousands across the state of DUI related collisions. DUI is completely preventable," said Sgt. Charles Ellebrecht, the Task Force Coordinator.

Officials recommend you find a designated driver if you are impaired.  January 1st is the last day of the campaign.