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Holiday travel smooth at Arcata-Eureka Airport

MCKINLEYVILLE - The day before Thanksgiving is historically known as the busiest travel day of the year. Yet for our local airport, it’s been smooth sailing so far.

Airport officials tell us flights in and out of the airport have all been early Wednesday as passengers fly to family and friends across the nation. The airport is seeing an average of 300 travelers each day this week. Officials also say the rain forecasted for the end of the week will not impact your flying schedule. Rain typically means better visibility for pilots. As for traveling tips, airport officials say be patient, plan ahead, and stay informed with available technology.

“There's several things that can make travel easier. There are a lot of apps for phones that gives up to date flight information, the status of your flight. So, you can get notification sooner by having the app rather than waiting for a phone call or email. There's also “Gate Guru” which is an app that will tell you approximately how long you're going to be at a security line in the busier airports so some of those things can be really helpful in traveling,” Emily Jacobs, program coordinator at Arcata-Eureka airport, said.