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Holiday travelers eager to take flight

MCKINLEYVILLE - Flying out of town was on the list for some this Christmas Eve. Despite the rain and winds, travelers were hopeful the weather wouldn’t hold them back from reaching their families by Christmas day.

Airports see an influx in travel during the holiday season which causes challenges. Plus weather can play a factor. This morning’s storm caused slight problems, but weather in connecting areas seems to be the biggest impact on our own airport. For some, traveling Christmas Eve was by choice, while others didn't have an option due to work schedules.

Travelers at the Arcata-Eureka airport had mixed feelings about flying out the day before Christmas.

“I've flown many times around the holidays, but just with the weather and what's going on around the country, is making me a little nervous” says holiday traveler, Scott Ball.

Another traveler, Lucas Vought, felt a little different. ““I’ve traveled to and from Arcata enough times now that I feel confident that we will be kept safe and we'll travel when the weather allows us to. I think to be prepared, just try to come patient, come with snacks and just be ready to wait out whatever comes and leap onto the plane in a moments notice when they say go”. 

According to flight stats, only two arriving flights were diverted during the morning storm, but did end up arriving. There were also some overall delays; however, no cancellations at this point.