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Holly Ann Grigsby pleads guilty. Could get life in prison.

A woman accused of killing four people including one Eureka man during a violent road trip across the Pacific Northwest back in 2011 has plead guilty to racketeering charges.

This past Tuesday, Holly Ann Grigsby pled guilty in a deal that could send her to prison for life.  Grigsby, and her boyfriend, Joseph Pedersen were arrested in 2011 near Sacramento after what authorities described as a bloody, two-week crime spree that began in Everett, Washington with the slaying of Pedersen’s father and stepmother. They are also accused of killing a middle-aged black man, Reginald Clark of Eureka and a 19 year-old stranger from Oregon, Cody Meyers, singled out because they thought he was Jewish. According to the U.S. District Attorney’s Office, the racketeering charge encapsulates all the crimes alleged in the case.

Grigsby, and Pedersen were self-proclaimed white supremacists. When apprehended, she allegedly told police back in 2011, ”They were on their way to kill more Jews in Sacramento.” A federal indictment alleges Pedersen researched the names and addresses of Jewish organizations in Seattle, Portland and Sacramento to identify potential targets for elimination. The indictment describes their purpose as “promoting and advancing a white supremacist movement to purify and preserve the white race and reclaim our country.” Grigsby is due back in court for sentencing in June. Her boyfriend, David Pedersen is already serving a life sentence.