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Hollywood location scouts tour North Coast

EUREKA- Some of Hollywood’s top location scouts, who have worked on projects including The Aviator and House, were on the North Coast getting an up close look at what the region has to offer.

For the past nine months, the Humboldt Del Norte Film Commission has been working to raise money for the FAM tours, which stands for familiarity tours. Thanks to community and business donations as well as a Headwaters Fund grant, the Humboldt Del Norte Film Commission gave nine location scouts tours of multiple North Coast cities, the redwoods and some beaches. The tours were held at the beginning of September and were the first ones in Humboldt or Del Norte Counties.  Film officials say if the scouts like what they saw, they will bring future projects to the region. 

"One way that we will know and be able to measure the success of the FAM Tour is when projects come here to film.  And we didn't anticipate for something like that to happen for six months to a year to a couple years. Something like this is you're building a foundation for our future.  What was exciting was immediately within the first two weeks of holding the FAM Tour, we had two inquiries right off the bat.  Now whether they actually film here or not, we don't know yet, but what's great is, they're inquiring immediately after having come here and toured our area," said Cassandra Hesseltine, the Film Commissioner for the Humboldt Del Norte Film Commission.