Homicide in Cutten, firearm found on elementary school campus

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 CUTTEN - “Our dispatch center got 911 calls about 3 o’clock this morning. We got several calls ranging from shots fired, a woman screaming, and a possible gunshot victim,” Lt. George Cavinta, with the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Department Criminal Investigations Department, said.

Sheriff’s deputies discovered a male gunshot victim when they arrived at the 2300 block of Holly Street. Medical personnel pronounced him dead moments later.

“We set up a perimeter on the area. We got information that a male and a female had possibly been seen walking from the area,” Lt. Cavinta said.

Just after four a.m. a male approached the scene and was arrested after indicating he was involved in the shooting. The female was located shortly after and questioned. The Sheriff’s Department then began a search for the firearm. By nine a.m., they had found it, just north of the Cutten Elementary baseball fields. The relation between the firearm, the victim, and the two being questioned?

“It's an ongoing investigation. The Coroner’s Office still has not yet identified or notified next of kin and therefore we're not releasing any information,” the Lieutenant explained.

Neighbors living around the area where the homicide took place say they don't experience this kind of activity very often but they did say they aren't surprised that an incident has occurred at the home behind the yellow caution tape and down this alley. 

“You can tell there's been drug dealing going on here. There have been people in and out of the alley here in the wee hours of the morning,” Jim Martin, a neighbor, said.

The Sheriff’s Department could not comment on any previous calls to this home. Martin says it’s not the best circumstances, but he hopes this tragedy will put an end to whatever is going on down that alley.

Due to the location of that firearm, Cutten Elementary School was temporarily closed. The Superintendent told me the school was successfully able to notify the families of students before class this morning through a reverse 911 system. They directed students to be dropped off at Ridgewood Elementary. Once the weapon was located, Cutten reopened. The Superintendent says teachers and students were back in class at Cutten before 11 a.m.