Hoopa homicide and Freshwater hit and run suspect appears in court, gag order granted

EUREKA- The man who allegedly stabbed a Hoopa woman and ran over a jogger in Freshwater on the same day was in court Wednesday. A Humboldt County judge granted a gag order for the defense representing Jason Warren.
He faces two counts of murder and two counts of attempted murder for allegedly stabbing and killing Dorothy Ulrich at her Hoopa home in November 2012, and then allegedly running over three joggers near Freshwater, one of which was killed. Wednesday’s gag order grant was in regards to a motion of discovery in the case after multiple delays. He also faces three special allegation charges, including torture. 
In Oct. 2012 Warren was sentenced to 9 years for a case stemming back to March 2012 on second degree charged of robbery, assault with a deadly weapon and felony possession of a firearm. In Aug. 2012 he was released on a cruz waiver but failed to appear in court the following month for sentencing.
Warren has an extensive criminal and juvenile history. In July 2011 he was charges with assault and battery after allegedly striking a woman in the face and in June 2007 Warren was involved in a shooting in Willow Creek according to court documents. He and another suspect were accused of shooting at a home from a vehicle with a rifle and he was sentenced to 32 months.
Court documents also indicate that Warren was a ward of the Humboldt County Juvenile court for attempted murder with two strikes on his record, but those strikes were dismissed on June 6 before the cruz waiver was issued.
Warren is due back in court Dec. 9 for his preliminary hearing and Oct. 9 for an intervention.