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Hoopa Man Drowns Following Police Pursuit

HOOPA- A Hoopa man is dead after jumping into the Trinity River after running from tribal police after allegedly stealing a military Humvee. Darrel Dwight Hostler, 34, was recovered underwater by authorities Wednesday morning.

"He was just trying to get away from law enforcement and [the river] was the only location to go from there," said Guyer.

According to Hoopa Tribal Police Lt. Ed Guyer an officer attempted to stop the camouflage Humvee that Hostler had allegedly stolen. The driver was traveling toward hwy 96 on Tish Tang road when the vehicle started having problems. The Humvee eventually came to a stop when Hostler allegedly ran away from the vehicle towards the Trinity River on foot.

The officer followed Hostler telling him to stop, said Guyer. Hostler eventually went into the Trinity River underneath the Trinity River Bridge.

"The officer followed the suspect to the river as he got to the river the subject went out further into the river," said Guyer.

Guyer said the officer lost sight of Hostler before he yeld for help, but the officer eventually lost sight of him and had to leave the water.

Seven other officer attempted to locate Hostler before launching a boat to locate the body. Hostler's body was later found submerged underwater in the middle of the river.

Temperatures were near 29 degrees with water in the river reaching about 45 degrees. "It's very cold and the water is very swift," said Guyer.

Detectives from the  Humboldt County Sheriff's Office and investigators from the District attorney's office are assisting in the investigation. Lt. Wayne Hanson of the Humboldt County Sheriff's office said they are not investigating officer misconduct in this case.

The Humboldt County Coroner's will conduct an autopsy to see if any other factors contributed to Hostler's death.