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Hoopa Tribe conducting census of residents

HOOPA- The Hoopa Valley Tribe is collecting information on residents living within the reservation to get a more accurate idea of the demographics in the community. Tribal census workers are going to every home and are working to count every single person living inside the tribe, both native and non-native.

The tribe started conducting the survey in mid November and are more than half the way through. Norma McAdams, the Coordinator for Office Vital Statistics, said the information from the census could help the tribe receive more grant funding.

The tribe is collecting data on tribal members living within the estimated 850 homes in Hoopa. Information on the number of people living in the home, ages, employment, income and expenses. McAdams said they are also collecting information on the condition of residents homes that may be used for additional grant writing. 

The numbers obtained in the 2010 census could be inaccurate. said McAdams because people in Indian country can be mistrusting of Federal census workers. "There's a lot of mistrust," said McAdams. She hopes people will be more receptive to tribal census workers who live in the community.

The tribe plans to complete the survey by the end of January.