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Hoopa Valley Tribe gives dire warning for drought in 2015

HOOPA – The Hoopa Valley Tribe is echoing what state officials have to say about the drought. They came out today with some bleak predictions for the summer of 2015.

Tribal officials warn that despite the rainfall we are getting, the area remains under severe drought and the outlook is grim. Rod Mendes, Director of Hoopa’s Office of Emergency Services says to not be fooled by this initial  bit of rain. It’s not enough to carry us through the next year.

Even though Trinity Lake is up a little, it is still well below capacity. With flows being diverted to the Central Valley, what little water left behind Trinity Dam during the spring and fall fish runs, will not be cold enough to provide any relief to migrating salmon, even if it was to be released. Community members are urged to start preparing now for water shortages or possible water system cutoffs next year.