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Hospice of Humboldt receives $80,000 from 2010 lawsuit

EUREKA- It was a class action lawsuit back in 2010 against one of the nation’s largest nursing home chains, and four year later, settlement money is still being handed out.

Hospice of Humboldt recently received $80,000 as part of a lawsuit against Skilled Healthcare. The suit alleged that Skilled Healthcare violated California Health and Safety Code at 22 of its facilities, five of which are in Humboldt. Back in 2012 Hospice of Humboldt, which served some of the patients affected by the violations, received $300,000 in settlement funds. This week they received additional funding from that suit. Hospice officials say the funds come at a good time as they are in the process of building a $14 million in-patient facility, with millions in funding still needed for completion.


"This is just an additional gift,” said Dianne Vallee, Executive Director at Hospice of Humboldt. “I mean, this is obviously a huge project for us, a big undertaking we've been working on for years so this is just so exciting to be consider part of an opportunity like this."