Hot Jobs in Humboldt County Need Training

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Job seekers at the Wharfinger Building found out today that they will need more training if they are going to nail those in demand jobs.

"There's always this misunderstanding that there are no jobs in Humboldt County, and there are jobs," said Connie Lorenzo, of the Humboldt County Department of Health and Human Services Employment Training Division.


Jeremiah Webb is looking for work and he disagrees. Webb said he has been looking for work for two months and has only found low paying jobs.


"The trouble is finding a job that pays more than minimum wage plus benefits, which are few and far in between," said Webb.


The industries looking to hire are in medical, bookkeeping, and accounting said Lorenzo, and those jobs require additional, short term training.


"High school doesn't necessarily meet the bill anymore, but it doesn't mean everybody needs to get a full degree either," said Lorenzo.


She hopes Wednesday's 'Two Months to a New Career' Fair hosted by College of the Redwoods and The Job Market will educate people on what kind of training is available for a future career that are in those fields.


"I guess, I have to go back to square one and re-asses what I want to do and retrain myself, and that's a lot harder then just turning in an application and getting hired for something," said Webb.