HSU Centennial Class In Session

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A new century of instruction began at Humboldt State University on Monday. The 2013-2014 school year is the centennial school year after Humboldt Normal School got it's start in 1914.


The start of the new school year also comes with record enrollment, an estimated 200 more students than last year, far more than the 62 students that were enrolled the first year.


"[It] looks really good and it's possible that we may have a record if we combine incoming freshman and transfer students," said Paul Mann, University Spokesman.


Students at Humboldt State were strolling through campus on their first day, many having no idea it is a special year for the school.


"I thought last year was the centennial class so it's nice to have something special about our centennial class, instead of next years," said Nathan Feney a Humboldt State Senior.


Krystal Henderson, also a senior, said she is happy to be part of the centennial year.


"I feel like this is a really interesting time to be graduating and I feel pretty lucky to be part of this special event," said Henderson. "I feel as long as I've been here I've seen a lot of the changes that it's gone through."


The University started celebrating the centennial at Saturday's Birthday Festival, and will continue the celebration throughout the school year.