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HSU Childrens Center receives $1.6 million dollar grant

ARCATA - The HSU Children’s Center will soon be improving and expanding it’s services after receiving a 1.6 million dollar grant. The grant is funded by the federal government’s Child Care Partnerships and Early Head Start Program. This program helps day centers provide high quality child care for low-income families with infants and toddlers.

The HSU Children’s Center will receive over $300,000 dollars a year for the next five years and plans to implement several changes. The center will reduce class sizes to ensure more one on one attention for children, plus it plans on adding care for infants. The center currently provides child care for HSU staff and students.

"We're really excited. We've always wanted to be able to lower group sizes and serve younger infants, but that kind of care is really expensive. So this money will come in addition to funding that we already receive, so that will help us do things that we couldn't have done before," said HSU Children's Center Director, Susan Rosen.