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HSU kicks off the 21st Annual Social Justice Summit

ARCATA - HSU’S Multicultural Program kicks off it's two day Social Justice Summit.

"The Social Justice Summit highlights social justice activism and work and education; on campus, in the community, across the nation and worldwide," said HSU Social Justice Program Coordinator, Mona Mazzotti.

The 21st annual event focuses on intersectional analysis being imperative for social justice. The theme: re-visit, re-generate, re-commit, relates to issues on regenerating critical dialog and action on social issues, diversity and inclusion for underrepresented communities. The summit includes several activities, workshops, interviews, screenings and a conference hosted by the 1491s.

1491s member, Bobby Wilson said, "We're a comedy group but a lot of the work that we've done around the U.S. has involved social justice and numerous issues around Indian county, and so, a lot of folks will ask us to come and participate in public forums and panels to answer any number of questions”.