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HSU meningitis student update

ARCATA – An update regarding the HSU student diagnosed with bacterial meningitis last Tuesday. Officials’ monitoring the situation say the victim remains in critical condition at a hospital in Redding but has improved.

Testing results will not be available until Monday. The university has received no reports of additional cases. Around 250 students from Sunset Residence Hall where the victim lived have been contacted and advised to get treatment as soon as possible. Last year, UC Santa Barbara had an outbreak with four students. Across the country, a different strain of the bacteria infected eight students at Princeton University.

Symptoms are very similar to the flu with fever and body pains. However, a stiff neck is a tell-tale sign that the illness is much more serious. Experts say the bacterial infection incubates in the nose and that a dorm or residence hall with its close quarters is a perfect place for spreading the illness.