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HSU students continue protests against administration

ARCATA - Students, faculty, and staff gathered at the Humboldt State University quad Monday for yet another protest on campus.

The protest is a continuation of student’s, and some faculty’s, cry for change after the termination of Dr. Jacquelyn Bolman, the former leader of the University's “INRSEP” program (Indian Natural Resource and Engineering Program).

The school’s president, Dr. Lisa Rossbacher, answered questions from the protestors over a loud speaker.

Students want the administration to listen to their concerns about diminishing minority programs at the school and reinstate Dr. Bolman. 

“I hope that the university administration will embrace the passion and the understanding of this community and these students. That they will allow shared governance of this institution between faculty and students. That they continue to persist and exist in some of the strongest Indian country in all of California. And that they take that opportunity that many universities wish that they had gifted and that is truly self-determined and sovereign Tribal communities wanting to be greater involved in the university to ensure access and equity for all students,” Dr. Jacquelyn Bolman said.

Students will speak to the University Senate tomorrow at 3 p.m. in the Goodwin Forum. The administration is expected to give its official response to the situation at that time.