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HSU students walkout of student forum

ARCATA- In response to this weeks protests and a student walk out at Humboldt State University, the administration hosted a forum Thursday to address the issues with students.

Students are reacting to the recent firing of Dr. Jacqueline Boleman, the Director of the STEM program that includes a Native American program, INRSEP. Students said the firing is an example of the universities cuts to under-represented and minority student programs.  

At the forum held in the College Creek Apartment's Great Hall, nearly 30 students, a majority of those in attendance, walked out.

A member of the group read a letter to University President, Lisa Rossbacher, and the other administrators in attendance. They said they were not going to stay for the meeting because the administration did not pick a time that was good for students.

Several INRSEP students impacted by the firing were in Los Angeles attending a conference. They suggested another time for a forum, delivered letters and left. 

The forum continued as students and community members questioned Rossbacher and the administration about the decision and other changes to student programs.