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HSU Working To Enroll Students In Calfresh Program

Humboldt State University social work students are working to get students off the Top Ramen diet and end food insecurity among students. A $45,000 contract awarded to the Social Work Department will help enroll students and staff in Califonria's Calfresh program.


The contract was awarded to the department from the Humboldt County's Department of Health and Human Services. The partnership is designed to increase enrollment in the program.


Jen Maguire, Assistant Professor of Social Work, said students are often under enrolled in the assistance program.


"We're not really sure what the participation rates are but traditionally students don't think they qualify for Calfresh," said Maguire.


Ten students will be hired to assist and retain students in the program.


Ian Mackelvie is in the social work graduate program and said he has experienced food insecurity like many of his peers.


"It can mean whether or not you have enough food in your budget or have the supplies at home," said Mackelvie.


The contract will go toward enrolling and educating students about Calfresh and advertising the program on campus.


Maguire said students will be enrolling other students like they would in their future careers. "This is real life experience," said Maguire


The students and faculty in the department will also be able to track how many students and staff qualify for the program and what percentage experience food insecurity.