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HTA fares increase, effective Jan. 1

NORTH COAST- Effective Jan. 1 bus fares in the Willow Creek area and in southern Humboldt will increase. On Tuesday the Board of Supervisors passed the proposed rise in cost. In Oct. the Department of Public Works said they received a letter from the Humboldt Transit Authority stating medical premium rates to all of its employees were going to increase by 29 percent come Jan 1, and to help offset those costs the fares had to increase. Officials say the last fare increase of ten percent occurred in 2011 for health insurance and workers compensation. 
In Willow Creek cash fares are currently $4 and are set to go up .35 cents, transit pass fares will jump .25 cents to $3, and in southern Humboldt the regular $1.50 cash fare will slightly increase by .15 cents.