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Huffman demands Bureau of Reclamation protect Klamath and Trinity salmon

Sacramento - Congressman Jared Huffman blasted the Bureau of Reclamation Thursday and demanded the federal agency assert its authority and protect Klamath and Trinity River salmon.

After a federal court decision this week to stop all releases of water from the Trinity River for the lower Klamath, Huffman demanded the bureau step up and release important information.

A legal opinion regarding water releases for the Klamath was made some time ago by the interior solicitor. That opinion makes the case for 50,000 acre-feet of water annually from Trinity Reservoir.

Huffman questioned why this document hadn’t been released saying, ”Continuing to withhold that legal opinion and continuing to be silent or coy on the subject, even in the face of litigation where this water contract can and should be raised as part of a vigorous defense, threatens the success of any long-term plan for the watershed. We have been waiting too long for clarity and leadership on this issue.”