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Huffman Reacts To Possible Goverment Shutdown

Congressman Jared Huffman is reacting to the possibility of a Government shutdown…in comparison to his days in the California Assembly.

“None of it holds a candle to the chaos we are experiencing right now in the House of Representatives. Because even in the depths of the dysfunction in Sacramento, at least our leaders were trying to find bi-partisan compromises and solutions…and unfortunately the leadership in the House of Representatives right now is simply refusing to negotiate with Democrats.”

Huffman says he feels House Republicans are doubling down on irresponsible bills and political theatre…things that have no chance of becoming law. He sites Republicans proposing to cut 40-billion dollars from the Food Stamp Program…even though the Senate, House Democrats and President Obama have said they will never agree to support the bill. His reaction comes as a showdown is looming and a possible shutdown of the government inches closer to reality.