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Humboldt Bay Fire conducting fire hydrant testing in Eureka

EUREKA- Crews are busy testing the over 700 fire hydrants within Eureka.

Humboldt Bay Fire is currently in its annual fire hydrant testing phase.  Crews are making sure fire hydrants in Eureka are operational and have the proper flow.  There are 775 fire hydrants in the city, and more than 200 have not been tested yet.  Running water could become discolored when Humboldt Bay Fire is testing a nearby hydrant.  Fire officials say the water is safe to drink and the discoloration should go away in about an hour.  They say the annual hydrant testing is crucial for fighting fires.

"We only carry about 500 gallons or so on the engines, so that hydrant is our source of water to fight the fire and if it's not functioning, we may not be able to put the fire out with a single hydrant. We may have to go to additional hydrants which delays our access to the fire and putting water on the fire," said Battalion Chief Chris Emmons with Humboldt Bay Fire.

Fire officials remind you to slow down when driving through a fire hydrant testing area.  They say to be alert for fire personnel conducting the testing and to avoid hydroplaning on the wet roadway.