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Humboldt Bay Fire conducting Low Angle Rope Rescue Operations training

EUREKA- Mother Nature could not stop firefighters with Humboldt Bay Fire from participating in specialized training.

Humboldt Bay Fire will be conducting its annual Low Angle Rope Rescue Operations training, or LARRO, until Friday.  All 50 firefighters in the department are completing two hours of the training.  They are being taught on how to safely descend an incline and rescue someone from an area that is difficult to access.  Fire officials say situations like these occur mostly when someone drives off the road.  Since it rained today, firefighters trained at the fire station instead of on a steep incline at Sequoia Park.  Fire officials say even though emergency situations involving steep inclines are rare, training for them is essential.

"We don't have many over the bank rescues every year, which is a good thing, but when we do have them, often the areas are difficult to get to.  The people are often in difficult positions and the more efficient and trained we are, the quicker we can get them out," said the Training Battalion Chief with Humboldt Bay Fire, Battalion Chief Sean Robertson.