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Humboldt Bay Fire conducts victim rescue training

EUREKA- Emergency responders must be prepared at all times for those critical moments when lives are in jeopardy, and that’s what crews with Humboldt Bay Fire did on Friday during their victim rescue training.

Humboldt Bay Fire Platoon C trained at the old Norman’s Dry Cleaners building in Henderson Center in Eureka on Friday morning. Firefighters practiced entering buildings through outside windows and searching for victims in smoke filled areas. They also simulated rescue operations.  The two hour training session is held twice a year and all three platoons with Humboldt Bay Fire will finish the training next week.

"We're able to use a different building that we usually train in so that ability to use an environment that we're not accustomed to and is similar to the buildings that we face when we go to emergencies is really invaluable.  And two, one of our main jobs is rescuing people followed by extinguishing fire, so it's a critical skill we need to practice," said Battalion Chief Sean Robertson with Humboldt Bay Fire.