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Humboldt Bay Fire Open House this weekend

EUREKA- If you ever wondered what it was like inside a fire station, you can find out on Saturday. Eureka residents have chance to meet firefighters and learn about fire safety at the annual Humboldt Bay Fire Open House.

The all-day event is being held at Fire Station 1 in Eureka, which is located at 533 C Street. There, firefighters will answer questions and teach about fire safety. Visitors can watch demonstrations, including a mock rescue, take tours of the station and see the old steam fire engine in operation. City Ambulance of Eureka, the Red Cross, and the US Coast Guard will also be there explaining their role in community safety.

"Many times, the community just thinks we drive by to fires and medical aides and they don't know what we really do when the sirens aren't going and there isn't an incident going on.  It's important to show that we do other things such as maintenance around the station, we do public education, and to show that we're here for 24 hours a day and that this is where we live while we're on shift," said Battalion Chief Chris Emmons with Humboldt Bay Fire.