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Humboldt County Animal Shelter at overcapacity

MCKINLEYVILLE - Overcrowding in the Humboldt County Animal Shelter almost ended in drastic measures Monday morning.

"We were scheduled to do some euthanasia today but due to the community response, we were able to cancel that and that's a good thing,” Sgt. Ernie Stewart, with the Humboldt County Animal Shelter, said.

Due to some adoptions, the shelter is at a more manageable number, but still sitting at over-capacity. The shelter is built to house about 52 dogs and currently has more than 60.

Rescue groups that partner with the shelter put the word out this weekend that the shelter had scheduled euthanasia for Monday morning, but the community has shown its support. The animal shelter has had more than six adoptions already today. 

“We just have a very strong support in the community for the animals that we have here and whenever we have an issue like this and the word gets out, there are always a number of people that step up and come in to help,” Sgt. Stewart said.

If you are interested in supporting the shelter, all adoption fees are 50% off through the end of December. And if you can't make that long term commitment, shorter-term fostering is always an option. You can find out more at the Animal Shelter’s facebook page: