Humboldt County Animal Shelter overcrowded with dogs

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MCKINLEYVILLE- Officials with the Humboldt County Animal Shelter say that for the last two weeks, the shelter has been overcrowded with dogs.

Recently, the shelter has had an influx of dogs, most of which are strays.  The shelter is designed to house 52 dogs, but there have been as many as 59 over the last two weeks.  While the animal shelter normally uses dog rescues in Humboldt County to help with overpopulation, shelter officials say the rescues are at capacity as well.

Now, to help with the overcrowding problem, the Humboldt County Animal Shelter is offering 50 percent lower adoption fees for pit bulls and pit bull mixed breeds through the end of the month.

"Overcrowding, especially in our facility, when we start double kenneling the dogs, and we get over our maximum capacity, the instances of disease outbreak among the animals is more prevalent.  So, it's really better for the animals and for us if we can keep that population down.  Then, we can keep the disease factor under control," said Sgt. Ernie Stewart with the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office.