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Humboldt County leaders support Last Chance Grade bypass

EUREKA- It’s a dangerous section of road connecting Crescent City to Humboldt County, and on Tuesday the Humboldt County Board of Supervisors took a stand for traveler safety.

“When the road collapses Del Norte County will be cut off,” said Del Norte County District 1 Supervisor Roger Gitlin. “There will be all kinds of other problems associated with economic, environmental, and human demise as a result of that.”

Del Norte County leaders came before Humboldt’s supervisors at Tuesday’s meeting, asking for support. The last chance grade, located 10 miles south of Crescent City, is sinking and the group is lobbying to find an alternative route to bypass the dangerous stretch of road.

Del Norte officials said if something is not done the public is at risk of the road collapsing.

“It’s urgent. Caltrans, state national parks are key players, along with the feds bringing in their funding from federal highway administration,” said Chuck Blackburn, a former Del Norte County supervisor. “I think we've shown them that yea, this thing is going to go. It's not if, it's going to be when.”

Caltrans is currently doing an economic impact study to determine what would happen if the road did collapse. That study will be completed in January.