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Humboldt County OES: Citizen preparation ‘exceptional’ for winter storm

EUREKA- Last week the North Coast braced for the worst in what was projected to be a historical winter storm. Although things turned out to be less severe than expected, Humboldt County emergency response officials say they were prepared.

Roads closed, hundreds of sandbags were distributed throughout the North Coast and citizens hunkered down for Winter Storm 2014, but despite the heavy rain and high wind, the majority of impact hit south of the Humboldt-Mendocino line.  Here at home, thousands were left without power, with several schools canceling classes Thursday and into Friday. Meanwhile, Caltrans crew worked around the clock to clear rockslides and downed trees in roadways. Although the storm did not live up to what many were expecting, the county’s Office of Emergency Services says it was better to be over-prepared than under and plans to function in a similar manner for the next big storm.

“The response that citizens showed to the storm was exceptional,” said Sean Quincey, Humboldt County public information specialist. “Living in Humboldt County people are no stranger to storms and severe weather related events. With that being said, the next time there's a severe weather related event we project that will hit our area, it's important that members of the community are prepared.”