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Humboldt County repeals modified Urgency Ordinance

HUMBOLDT COUNTY- The Humboldt County Board of Supervisors have voted to repeal Ordinance 2488, which places restrictions on public use of the courthouse grounds in Eureka. 
The motion to start the process of repeal was passed 4 to 1 at the Tuesday meeting, with Supervisor Rex Bohn dissenting. After the meeting Supervisor Bohn told us he supports the rights included in the First Amendment, however he does not want the front of the courthouse to become a campground site. 
This issue first arose in 2012 during the Occupy Movement, when the courthouse became heavily populated with tarps and tents into the overnight hours. For over a year now, the county has been working with the Human Rights Commission on the ordinance, and Tuesday its request for repeal was granted. According to county staff the City of Eureka already has a law prohibiting overnight camping on city property, including the courthouse.
In order for the ordinance to be officially taken off the books, supervisors will have to take another vote at a later date.