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Humboldt County to request membership on the Trinity Management Council

EUREKA- The Humboldt County Board of Supervisors will meet Tuesday to discuss the county’s role in Trinity River restoration.

At the meeting the supervisors intend to approve a letter requesting that the county be made a full voting member of the Trinity Management Council. The group is a multi-agency management structure that provides guidance and direction to the Trinity River Restoration Program.

Since December of 2000 the county has been advising the council on the formation of the Trinity Adaptive Management Working Group but hasn’t been a full voting member.

In the letter, the supervisors say that making the county a voting member could have significant benefits to Humboldt residents, especially those who are directly impacted by the Trinity.

“It’s an important part of our environmental surroundings,” said District 2 Supervisor Estelle Fennell. “It’s also an important part of our economy and our traditions especially in the Hoopa area. It goes right through their reservation so I think that it will do a lot for us to have a say in how it's managed. So it's definitely important for us to have a voice.”