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Humboldt County Supervisors ban electronic billboards

HUMBOLDT COUNTY- Electronic billboards in Humboldt County’s unincorporated areas will no longer be allowed.

The Board of Supervisors straw voted Monday to ban the digital billboards in the county’s next general plan. The move comes after public outcry over the signs and an online petition gaining nearly seven hundred signatures.

The electronic billboards will still be allowed on state and tribal lands. The ban also does not include greater municipalities that have their own general plans like Eureka or Fortuna. However, members of Keep Eureka Beautiful say the ban is only the beginning.

“We see it as just one piece of a larger issue which is protecting the natural beauty of our landscape because that is really our one most precious economic and cultural resource that we have,” said Keep Eureka Beautiful Volunteer Michelle McKeegan. “So I think it's really important that people get involved in the general plan process.”