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Humboldt County unemployment rate down to 6.4%

NORTH COAST - The unemployment rates from December are in and according to statistics, Humboldt County has improved. 

The county went from 22nd in rank to 21st among the 58 counties statewide. The unemployment rate for Humboldt is currently 6.4 percent, a .5 percent decrease since November. Experts say, seasonal hiring could be reflected in December's numbers since 100 additional jobs were recorded in retail alone.

However, over the past year, leading job growth occurred in government, manufacturing, and hospitality. Records show that in 2014 unemployment was down overall compared to the previous year.

"Which puts us roughly in the middle of the pack, in comparison to surrounding counties. We have a significantly lower unemployment rate of all the surrounding counties, with the exception of Mendocino county which is 6.2 percent, two-tenths of a percent lower than Humboldt County. But overall, our economy is moving in a good direction and looks pretty strong in the future," said Randy Weaver with the North Coast Labor Market Information and Employment Development Department.