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Is this Humboldt County's biggest pumpkin?

In a yard just off of Highway 101 there’s what could be the biggest pumpkin in Humboldt County.

"I put chicken manure in the hole, planted it and then every week I put miracle grow on it," Kenneth Swinnock said.

Swinnock is a Rio Dell resident and the proud owner of a pumpkin just over 300 pounds.

"My friend gave me the seeds,” Swinnock said. “The seeds were six bucks a piece and only one of the seeds grew and so I planted it and did my best to get it as big as I could."

Swinnock started growing it back in April. That’s when he got the seeds. He said he spent countless hours taking care of it and tracking its progress.

"Every night after work when I leave here and every weekend," Swinnock said.

The pumpkin hasn’t been physically weighed. Swinnock made several measurements and used a chart to determine its weight. He said it is 329 pounds. 

So what are the plans for this oversized fruit? Pie? A jack-o-lantern? Decoration? Nope— Swinnock has something else in mind… 

"Take the seeds out of it, and throw the rest over to the cow."

So he can do it all again next year and try to grow an even bigger one.