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Humboldt Del Norte Film Commission: More film productions coming to North Coast

ARCATA- Officials at the Humboldt Del Norte Film Commission say fewer film productions have been shot in California in recent years.  However, they say that’s about to change.

Governor Brown signed Assembly Bill 1839 into law on Thursday and it will go into effect on July 1st, 2015.  The bill increases California’s film production tax credits maximum more than three times what it was.  It also gives productions an extra 5 percent of tax credits for filming outside of the Los Angeles Zone.  The bill also removes the budget ceiling for tax credits so productions of any size can qualify.  Also, big-budget films, 1-hour television series and television pilots will now be eligible for the credits for the first time under the bill.  The Film Commissioner and Executive Director of the Humboldt Del Norte Film Commission, Cassandra Hesseltine, says starting in July, more productions will be coming to the North Coast.

"Productions are going to spread throughout California and bring jobs here.  And they have to stay at hotels.  They have to eat at the restaurants.  They have to get gas.  They have to buy supplies.  They have local hire and that means it will benefit our economy here, our local economy," said Hesseltine.