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Humboldt Harbor District wants larger halibut quota for North Coast

EUREKA- The Humboldt Bay Harbor District is trying to push for a larger halibut quota for the North Coast. The Harbor District has passed a resolution requesting for the International Pacific Halibut Commission and the Pacific Fisheries Management Council to give Humboldt County a larger number of halibut catches allowed. Currently the North Coast is included in the same quota as parts of southern Oregon. The district is asking the commission to give the coast its own zone based off of local numbers. A few weeks ago the commission conducted a survey off the coast to determine how much halibut were in the waters. The survey has yet to reveal the data, but the district hopes it will prove that there is enough halibut in the area to have its own separate quota.
Humboldt Bay Harbor District First Division Commissioner Aaron Newman said, “We also would like to see the recent data that we had collected for halibut survey's before they make any new decisions that would affect our ability to fish halibut here."