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Humboldt Harmonaires deliver singing "Valengrams" on Valentine's Day

NORTH COAST- A local barbershop quartet is spreading the love this Valentine’s Day by delivering singing “Valengrams” around the community. They are called The Humboldt Harmonaires and have been singing for loved ones on Valentine’s Day for over fifty years along the North Coast.
"We sometimes sing about current loves, past loves, the ones that got away. We sing about mom, apple pie, and home," said quartet singer Billy Edmondson.
Friday morning the group sang two songs about the subject of love, it was a surprise visit for one physician's current staff and employees. "The really bust themselves for me all week long, all year long so it was a little something to let them know I appreciate them,” said Dr. John Disiere of the Occupational Environmental Health Services Office. 
"It was a huge surprise, I could not get the smile off of my face. It is pretty nice to feel appreciated and loved on Valentine's Day," said receptionist Kellie O’Brien.
The quartet travels around together for the day and on average makes nearly 20 stops, hired by a company, a friend, a family member, or a loved one. All of the money raised goes back into the community, including a scholarship that if offered to graduating students who choose to major in music in college. Edmondson said,
"We stress very strongly music in the schools for high schools and colleges. We are trying to bring up the young ones so this type of music is not lost."