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Humboldt Light Opera Company turns dream into reality

ARCATA - After 40 years in business, the Humboldt Light Opera Company is turning it’s long time dream into reality.

“It just happened to be one of those things. I was walking by a building, I had just retired and I go, this building is for rent? We called, we got the ball rolling, and here we are,” said Artistic Director, Carol Ryder.

The acronym for the facility is S.P.A.C.E. but it encompasses much more than that. The Sunnybrae Performing Arts Center for Education will hold classes, rehearsals and small performances.

“To educate the young people, for the future of the community, new people into the theatre community. So we can count on some wonderful people coming up through the ranks to continue to put on shows for the community,“ said board member, Jim Willits. 

The project has several board members who are volunteering their time and working long hours to get everything up and running. The project is funded by the board, community donations, and it’s campaign.

“Which is a site, a kickstarter type site, where you can go and give money to an organization, it goes into a nonprofit and comes right back to us," said Ryder.

They believe this is just a stepping stone for much more.

"This project, there will never be a last nail. There will always be some other improvements. Something else, and then there'll be building the next set, or putting together the next show, so as far as the last nail, never," said Carl McGahan.