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Humboldt Post-Secondary Success Collaborative awarded $3 Million

NORTH COAST - It's an organization that's trying to introduce college early and expand higher education in Humboldt County. The Post-Secondary Success Collaborative now has $3 million, to aide it’s efforts with an award from Governor Brown.

The group is a partnership between Humboldt County Office of Education, HSU and College of the Redwoods. Their goal is to increase “college ready” students in the county. The collaborative is one of 14 winners, out of more than 50 applicants, that applied for the "innovations in higher education" award. Now that the group has won, the next step is to submit a plan for the funds.

"One of the biggest benefits is just the acknowledgement that what we're doing here in rural northern California is noteworthy enough that the governor and the department of finance said, you are innovative and you're taking the limited resources that you have available and you're doing something really impactful and what they were really impressed with, with us, was the depth of collaboration across the organizations and the educational entities," said Humboldt Office of Education Coordinator, Heidi Moore.  

Representatives from the organizations will meet this Thursday to discuss ideas.