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Humboldt Senior Resource Center hosts first Senior Prom

EUREKA - The Humboldt Senior Resource Center first opened its doors in 1974 and has been providing services and meals to the community’s senior population for forty years. As part of their 40th anniversary celebration, they hosted a senior prom Friday.

“We've invited people to dress up and come and have a good time. I've seen people with tiaras on and others dressed to the “T”. A lot of smiles on their faces already and we're just beginning,” Michael Blackwell, the nutrition and activities program manager at Humboldt Senior Resource Center, said.  

“I think it's good to have events that can help bring a smile to people's faces and to bring back memories and reminisce about other things and to look forward to new events and I think it's good to stay active as one ages and this is just one opportunity to allow people to stay active and to stay connected in the community,” Blackwell added.

Dancers pushed their partners around the room to the tunes of old familiar standards played by the Topaz Trio.

“My wife and I, we love to dance and be here and we know so many of the people here. It's wonderful, yes. We're having a wonderful time today,” Donald Jack London, a Eureka resident, said.

The prom-goers took a quick break from the dance floor to refuel with a locally grown lunch, provided by the dining center and funded by a grant from the Humboldt County Health and Human Services 

“We are doing what you call a locally fresh and delicious meal with Cal Fresh so we are able to bring in a bunch of local ingredients to make our meal,”

The lunch featured spaghetti with meat sauce, garden vegetables, garlic bread, salad, and poached Asian pears.

“What we're trying to do is we're trying to give the seniors here a taste of fresh and local,” Tina Taylor, Food Service Manager of the Resource Center, said.

Good food, good music, and a great community.

“I think they all enjoy it. It something that gets them out of their house and really...they're laughing and having a good time,” Charline Smith, Vice President of the site council, said.

"And they get dressed up," Earlene Fisher, President of the site council, said.