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Humboldt Sheriff promotes two lieutenants and three sergeants

EUREKA- Increased law enforcement coverage is returning to those un-incorporated areas hit hardest by department cutbacks. Two new lieutenants and three sergeants were sworn in Monday morning at the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office. Kevin Miller and Dennis Young were promoted to lieutenants during the ceremony. Their new positions will help address a lack of sheriff presence in the unincorporated areas.

Lieutenant Miller will be responsible for McKinleyville and Northern Humboldt, while Lieutenant Young will oversee courthouse security and Southern Humboldt affairs.

“It’s important to restore those lines of command back to those areas so that those communities that rely on the sheriff's office for service know that they have that strong connection with the sheriff and the sheriff's office,” said Humboldt County Sheriff Mike Downey. “These folks that are going to be lieutenants in these areas, their job is going to be community oriented. They're going to be out there being the spokesman for the sheriff and really dealing with the issues the communities are having.”

The three sergeants promoted, Justin (J.D.) Braud, Jesse Taylor and Samuel Williams, will be tasked with patrol duties.

“I hope to bring new ideas,” said Sergeant Taylor, who is tasked to patrol in Southern Humboldt. “I have some things I'd like to work on, and I think there's always room for improvement and it's exciting to get down there and get involved with the community.”

According to Sheriff Downey, the five promotions are just the start of a revitalization of the department.

“I don't remember in my past, in the past 30 years having two lieutenants and 3 sergeants promoted at the same time,” Sheriff Downey said. “So it was a big sweeping move for the agency. It really has helped the agency as far as realizing there is movement within and we can all strive to better ourselves.”