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Humboldt Sponsors Annual Grants Reception and $2M milestone

EUREKA - A local non-profit hit the $2 million mark in funds raised and is donating over $97,000 in grants Thursday night. 

Humboldt Sponsors will announce grants for 77 recipients that serve more than 25,000 youth in Humboldt County. Those funds will go towards activities from reading programs to field trips. The organization will also celebrate its new milestone, of raising over $2 million since 1973. A majority of those funds have been generated from Humboldt Sponsors' Annual Rummage Sale and Margaritas by Moonlight. 

"Often times they will bring some of the children within the program that they serve and it's just wonderful to see them and the enthusiasm. And just to know that, the hard work that we've put in throughout the year, although we do have fun I must say, earning our money, but the hard work is that pay off of seeing where the money is actually going. So it's a very feel good type of event,” said Cherie Zygaczenko, Humboldt Sponsors Publicity Chair